the Collaborative Shoppe


Retail Boutique

The Collaborative Shoppe is comprised of handmade art, jewelry, paper products and retail gift items from local artisans. Natural product lines like candles, soaps & lotions. Decorated apparel from creatives, multi-media art from craftsman and FAIR Trade – this is where we highlight their items in one place!

If you know any one making/selling items or has a small business with items that YOU LOVE ❤ please let them know we are excited to offer this platform in our 352 community!

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DIY Workshop for kids

Classroom Workshop

The Collaborative Shoppe supports fun activities! Arts & Crafts, DIY Workshops hosted by locals for all ages and other classroom events.

We are excited and our calendar is updated often to share these activities with everyone in our community!

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Community Activities & Event Venue

Community Activities

The Collaborative Shoppe is excited to develop a relationship with our Community by hosting Activities – ways to share ideas, educational, creative events for our 352 neighborhood.  We have built a professional relationship with our neighbors: Uniquities – Consignment Shop, and other likeminded shops nearby.

Indoor and Outdoor areas available – if you have an activity in mind please be sure to contact us.


Join us at The Collaborative Shoppe

Want to be a part of The Collaborative Shoppe?  Tell us about you, your products or services.  We can’t wait to connect with you!



The Collaborative Shoppe offers retail shopping by way of local artisans and small businesses, workshops hosted by locals for all ages, entertainment venue for artisan markets and events!

Handmade. Vintage. Local. 

We are a platform that supports innovation and artistic drive of the local community.  We provide an open marketplace that grows small businesses by providing them exposure and increasing their presence through marketing and events.   We bring forth unity and support collaborating with emerging entrepreneurs.